Photonics Germany – Photonik Deutschland

The alliance of the photonics associations SPECTARIS e.V. and OptecNet Deutschland e.V.

Photonics Germany strengthens the position of the German high-tech industry at national and European level. The alliance is initiating activities to strengthen the competitiveness of companies and research institutions. In particular, the framework conditions for photonics and quantum technologies are to be further improved and funding offers are to be developed in a targeted manner. Photonics Germany offers its services to the political community as a representative point of contact, especially on the topics of funding policy, legislation and securing skilled workers. In addition, Photonics Germany is available to international associations as a central dialog partner.

The German photonics industry stands for outstanding innovations worldwide and, as a key technology, is a pacemaker for all decisive future topics such as mobility, climate protection, energy efficiency or sustainability.

optecnet Deutschland Logo english

OptecNet Deutschland e.V. is the alliance of Germany’s eight regional optical technology innovation networks at national level. Together we support supra-regional and international activities such as international cooperation, technology transfer and innovation promotion, promotion of young talent and Germany-wide public relations work.

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SPECTARIS is the German industrial association of SMEs with 400 members for the innovation sectors of optics, photonics, analytical and medtech. Its goal is to strengthen the competitiveness and innovative power of our members. Since 1881, SPEKTARIS has been pooling the expertise of its members and positioning itself on relevant topics.